Some of the projects I have worked on recently:

StuyHealth: (Jan-Sep 2014) Website for a non-profit focused on advocating for and communicating to 9/11 survivors. Tools Used: WordPress, bunch of WP plugins, Google Analytics, CSS, Twitter Bootstrap, Asana (project management), Cyberduck

2048 in Blue: (September 2014) After spending countless hours getting to 4096, I was really excited to find out that the code for this game is open-sourced. So far, I’ve simply messed with the CSS and changed the colors. I want to add an undo button and doing that is my planned detailed entry into Javascript. Also, first time I really messed around with Github. Tools Used: CSS, Javascript, Github

Minimal Viable Landing Page: (2013) A shell of a page selling fake products but for real money! Beware – that paypal link is real so don’t buy anything. This was when I was first trying to get the basics of Python Django to create a simple website using a Udemy course I’ve loved. Tools Used: Python, Django, CSS, Bootstrap, Cyberduck, KomodoEdit

Stuy ’02 Reunion: (June 2012) Created for my high school reunion focused on getting folks to buy tickets online on the way to organizing the most well attended reunion in recorded school history for my high school. 🙂 Tools Used: Umm..just WordPress and a little custom CSS here and there.

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